Tuesday, October 13, 2009

chealse v

she makes me angry...

exciting short stories

1. The man or the monster.

The year is 2050. My name is Siarra. And I am verry poor. And the king does not care. All he cares about is his fancy ways of making justice. Well at least in his eyes it's justice. But to the people it's torture. But the king has a son who is very rightous, And a nobal man. And we have fallen in love. And if the king would find out, I would have to go through one of his cruel justifations. So as of now we only see each other at night. But the king has many spies. We shall meet tonight though. I am at the castle. And me and the prince were talking when he told me that his dad had found out. So it's the next day. And I have picked the right door. what do you think came out.

The Woman Or The Wolf

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a woman and there was a wolf. If you choose wisely, you will live. If not, you will probably die. Basically, the prince chooses whether or not you have done something to disobey the law or if you are a law abiding citizen. For instance, there once was a young homeless child. All he wanted was a couple of coins to buy him some food because he was starving himself. So he took some coins out an adult’s purse and the adult caught him. This adult took him to the prince and the prince then had to explain to this child that what he did was wrong. He understands why this child did this but he still had to tell the child why it was wrong and what consequences the boy was going to have to face. The little boy was really, really scared. He didn’t know what to expect and he didn’t know whether or not he was going to get to live or if he was going to be killed in someway. He wasn’t afraid of dying. He was just afraid of how he was going to die.
The prince then took the little boy to the woods. There, he explained what was to happen. The little boy understood 100 percent. So as said above, the fate of your life is pretty much up to you. Choose wisely. Well, the little boy didn’t know which door to choose. He knew that one door had a woman or in his case a girl close to his age that would be able to take care of him and give him a home and food… And in the other door there were a pack of wolves. If he chose the wolves, he would be eaten alive. If he chose the door with the girl, he would live a wonderful life and he wouldn’t be homeless anymore. He would have a lifetime supply of food and storage and other things.
So, I ask you, right here, right now, what do you think the little boy chose…. Did he choose the door with the little girl and the lifetime supplies???? Or did he choose the other door with the pack of wolves where he would be sentenced to death and get eaten alive???? It’s for us to know and you to figure out….. HAHAHA
The End